Steelasophical – Soca Salsa

Brought to you by Gary Trotman .. Steelasophical &

Soca Salsa

by Steelasophical

What Is  Steelasophical?

A live band can be great .. there is that wonderful authentic throw back to the ole the caribbean days with a 3 or 4pc traditional steelband or Live Latin Band and there are many excellent ones to chose from.

Steelasophical is however something entirely different, Steelasophical bridges the gap between a DJ playing music tracks (backing racks) and a LIVE band (live steeldrums/percussions), by smoothly and seamlessly blending the two with the best of BOTH worlds

steelasophical Steel Band TV

Check out on YouTube

Birthday Salsa 4u

Happy Birthday Salsa 4u


Check out on YouTube

Dancing with Salsa Pam Pam

Gary Trotman Salsa dancing with Pam

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