The Chocolate Fondue Fountain Company

Brought to you by Gary Trotman .. Steelasophical &

The Chocolate Fondue Fountain Company

by Chocolate Heaven

We at Steelasophical are proud of our association and previous working relationship with Mark and TCFFC

We have used their services on a number of occasions for corporate days and they have gone down amazingly well .. do not mistake for one of those many, many, many chocolate fountain providers out there! .. these guys have been there from almost the start (since 2005)

The low moans of female ecstasy emanating from the back of my house were the first indication that this was no ordinary party. Just as the excited squeals hit a When Harry Met Sally crescendo, my husband strode through the front door.

“Good grief,” he muttered. “What on earth are you doing in the kitchen? Filming a soft porn movie?”

As the door swung open, it became apparent that this was much better than mere sex. This was a chocolate fountain party: 10 kilos of best Belgian chocolate, cascading down a three-and-a-half foot tower in the centre of the table.

The idea is to take a piece of succulent fruit such as pineapple or a strawberry on a long skewer, dip it in the chocolatey waterfall and pop it in your mouth. The groans of satisfaction, although not mandatory, seem pretty much unavoidable.

Given the endorphine buzz that even the smell of the fountain induced among my friends, I can understand why these glorious American imports are fast becoming the centrepiece of choice at Britain’s top parties.

At last year’s post-Bafta bash, three chocolate fountains were left running for several hours before the event, to whet the appetite of stars including Scarlett Johansson and Pedro Almodóvar.

“People definitely go a little bit wild when they see and smell a chocolate fountain,” says Deborah O’Neill of leading London chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, who supplied the fountains. “They become very childlike and unihibited. Emma Thompson couldn’t keep away and Johnny Depp kept sticking his fingers into the chocolate, which is very bad etiquette, but then he is a bit of a rebel.”

My chocolate fountain, supplied by the Chocolate Fondue Fountain Company, came with an array of delicious nibbles for dunking. There were bananas and grapes, pink marshmallows and soft mints, little pieces of flapjack and hot cross buns.

More unusually, there were chunks of mature cheddar cheese and even green and red chillies for the more daring souls among us. The chocolate-cheese combination was surprisingly tasty, the tart and sweet flavours melding on the tongue. I was too cowardly to try the chillies, but a pregnant friend declared it a gastronomic treat.

The Chocolate Fondue Fountain Company is run by Mark Grimwade, who also runs a wedding entertainment business. He supplies fountains at between £195 and £495, and increasingly, couples are hiring one instead of a cake. After all, a fountain will feed – and just as importantly, amuse – between 150 and 200 people.

“I always used to find wedding shows quite frustrating – as soon as the brides spotted the wedding dresses, they just ignored every other stand,” says Grimwade. “Then I attended a fair where there was a chocolate fountain – as soon as the brides smelt the chocolate they were off, running past the dresses to get to it. That’s when I understood the power of chocolate.”

Given a choice of chocolate for the fountain, I went for a delicious blend of milk and dark. The fountain was installed an hour and a half before the party. Bags of little chocolate pellets called callets were emptied into the base, and an element underneath slowly heated them until they were liquid.

Then the motor was switched on and the chocolate was pumped up a 44 in central column, before gushing down several tiers in a smooth curtain.

There was no mess on the table and no chocolate-spattered party frocks. This is because there is an art to chocolate dipping: you take the dip on the end of a skewer, plunge it into the chocolate and twist until coated. Then place a napkin under the dip as you bring it towards your face and place the whole thing in your mouth; taking ladylike nibbles is to court disaster – but a chocolate splash or two could be fun.

At Quintessentially, the private members’ concierge club, demand for chocolate fountains is soaring among clients who want to offer their guests something a little different.

“A chocolate fountain adds to the energy and chemistry of any gathering,” says Louise O’Riordan of Quintessentially. “It’s a fabulous way of breaking down barriers. There’s a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory effect, where people are transported back to when they were kids.”

More satisfying than sex, more fun than cake. It’s official: liquid chocolate is the new champagne.


Chocolate Fountain Hire

We cover the following areas; Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire,
Middlesex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire & Suffolk.
These are our main areas but other locations are considered

We have been providing chocolate fountain hire since 2005 and have worked at literally hundreds of events. In our time in the chocolate fountain industry we have built a very good reputation, while watching less professional companies fold and go bust or just simply give up. Chocolate fountain hire may seem simple when you are outside looking in, but like most trades there is an art to doing it correctly. We take great pride in what we do, and this is rewarded by the numerous comments we get from people using our chocolate fountains. They often say that our chocolate tastes better than other fountains they have tried and that they have never seen a chocolate fountain hire company provide such a wide range of fantastic foods to dip. The vast majority of chocolate fountain companies are quite lazy and will only give you a small selection of dips on the day. We believe in making the chocolate fountain experience for you and your guests the best it can possibly be. We normally supply 25 to 27 different types foods for your guests to dip, and we do this as standard, without any addition to the cost.

Company Name:  Chocolate Heaven
Description:  Chocolate Heaven is based in South East England, serving London and all surrounding counties. We provide a high quality service at competitive prices. We have over 55 references from previous customers on our website, to prove we are the right company for your event.
Address:  42 Broadwater Road,
City:  London
State:  *Outside the US
Zip Code:  BN14 8AG
Country:  United Kingdom
Map / Route:  View map / route
Phone Number:  0870 300 3978
Fax Number:
Cell Number:
Contact Person:  Mark Grimwade
Experience the Power of ChocolateOne of the newest crazes on the wedding scene is the chocolate fountain and having experienced the power that chocolate has over people, especially women, it looks like this is going to be a regular feature at weddings and other events for many years to come.For those of you who have never used or seen a chocolate fountain in action, this is how it works. The fountain itself is made of food grade stainless steel. There is a large bowl at the bottom which heats the chocolate and keeps it liquid. In the centre is a column which has different sized tiers which gradually get smaller as you get to the top. The number of tiers will depend on the size of the fountain. Inside the centre column is an Archimedes screw, which spins and carries the chocolate up the inside of the column, out the top, where it runs decadently over the tiers and back in to the bowl at the bottom.
But there is no one player that is the best at everything. If there was they would win all the time.
OK, I think you get my point so enough about golf. There any many different fields of photography; press, wedding, portrait, glamour, wildlife, landscape, commercial, PR, pets, food, architecture, fashion and many more.

You take a skewer and serviette, put the item you would like to dip on your skewer and push it through the curtain of cascading Belgian chocolate. The sumptuous chocolate then wraps it self round the dip, which you then put in your mouth with a serviette underneath it to catch any drips. At this point, there are usually moans and sighs of pleasure and you just know that the ladies are not faking it!

There are different ways you can incorporate a chocolate fountain in to your wedding. By far the most common is during the evening reception. It can replace the sweet section of your evening buffet; replace your evening buffet all together or as an extra to the evening buffet.
It is also quite common to use the fountain as the dessert for the wedding breakfast, as an extra during the drinks reception or a replacement for the wedding cake.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a fountain is just about feeding your guests. A chocolate fountain at your event will cause a real stir and create a fantastic, fun atmosphere. The power that chocolate has over people has to be seen to be believed. It is a medical fact that chocolate rswhich create a feeling of euphoria. It acts as a great ice breaker and really gets people talking and laughing together.There’s no doubt that a chocolate fountain will really help your wedding day become a success, but there are some important bits of advice you should bear in mind when choosing your chocolate fountain supplier. This is not easy, being a relatively new concept, people in general would not know what to look for or what questions to ask. We are going to give you an insight in to the chocolate fountain industry, so that you can make the right decision for your special day.

Chocolate Fountain Reference 1

Mark & Karen,

I have been putting off writing to you as regards the Chocolate Fountain Service you provided for me for our Company Fun day held last week

This was mainly because I was sure of receiving at least one negative comment about it – to date I am still waiting

The Chocolate Fountain was a huge success and had the desired effect of being the main surprise show piece – which is still being talked about now! Over a week after the event

Due to the number of requests for information from those who attended (and those who could not – but heard about it) I was left with no choice but to send out an email to the entire Company Division with your full contact details

“I would like to thank you for your role in helping to make this the best Fun Day this company has had in years” (Words echoed by many)

It was also nice to have a supplier on board that could be relied on and trusted to turn up on time, look professional, help create an atmosphere and be happy to interact with our employees

No doubt, you will notice a high volume of enquires from many of my colleges

All the best for the future – from a very satisfied client

Kind regards

Gary Trotman
Entertainments Officer
Ultra Electronics
Sonar and Communication Systems

Chocolate Fountain Reference 2

To all the team at Chocolate Heaven.
Our recent five yearly reunion weekend at Rye for pupils of the 1970’s was a total success. However, despite all the renewed friendship of days gone by this was surpassed by one thing – The Chocolate Fountain.
The whole experience that you provided in such a professional manner was a talking point throughout the evening and you are to be congratulated on this. The choice of dips was perfect.
Having received many letters of thanks myself there seems to be a consistent message as a “PS” on each and every one. “Can we have the chocolate fountain again”.
Rest assured that your company will be visiting Rye again in the future and to any other function that I am arranging that rightly deserves the “wow factor”.
Thanks again Chocolate Heaven for making a special event so very special.
Richard Moore
Rye Old Scholars Association

Chocolate Fountain Reference 3

My fiancé and I had both seen a chocolate fountain before and thought it would be the ideal treat for our guests at our wedding and also something completely different…at least for an Indian wedding!! It was absolutely fantastic and turned out to be the highlight of the wedding!

The service was great – everything was set up and presented really beautifully and the staff were lovely – most importantly there was plenty of chocolate and dips galore for everyone to enjoy…in fact that is all most of the guests ate!

I would definitely recommend a chocolate fountain from chocolate Heaven for a party or wedding as it really does add something extra that neither you nor your guests will forget in a long time. Thanks to Chocolate Heaven for making our day even more special!

 Sunil & Pooja


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