Traffic Master SmartNav

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Traffic Master SatNav


Why Smartnav?

All at the press of a button on your dashboard!

Smartnav, an easy-to-use satellite navigation system, can provide all of this today.

It is a fully flexible system, which can be tailored to your needs with a range of optional services.

Smartnav is so easy to use!


 Just one press of the Smartnav connects you to a round-the-clock control centre and friendly Personal Assistant (PA).
 PA enters your destination details into a central computer, which calculates the optimum route, avoiding the traffic using Trafficmaster’s up-to-the minute traffic information.
 In just a few seconds your route is downloaded to the car and clear verbal turn-by-turn instructions are provided throughout your journey.
 Your journey is constantly monitored by the computer, so Smartnav will warn you of new delays and will look for a quicker alternative route. The better route is downloaded into your car at a press of the button.


For visual guidance as well as verbal, add the Smartnav Touchscreen or the new Smartnav Colour Touchscreen.

The Smartnav Touchscreen can be used to enter your destination by postcode, to route to one of your 10 favourite stored destinations, or to contact the Smartnav Control Centre and make your request via the PA, plus much more.


Trafficmaster has been monitoring traffic for the last 15 years and now has over 7,500 sensors located on the UK’s motorways and trunk roads.

The data is sent to the control centre every three minutes and is used in conjunction with Trafficmaster’s historic, predictive and forecast traffic data to calculate the best routes for Smartnav

There’s more…

Any part of the address can be given, from business name to postcode. Smartnav can even find your nearest petrol station, cash machine or other points of interest.

And because the mapping is held outside the vehicle Smartnav ensures the latest road developments are available so you don’t have to worry about out-of-date information.

Optional Services

 Safe Speed, a safety camera warning.
 RAC Trackstar, a stolen vehicle tracking service.

Smartnav is supported by 24 hour, seven day a week personal assistance.

The Smartnav PAs offer emergency and breakdown support and can order flowers or wine and book you a hotel.

The new Smartnav Colour Touchscreen is the ultimate way of enhancing your Smartnav system.

Even smarter than before, it still delivers the core benefits of Smartnav – off-board navigation with up-to date routing, dynamic traffic avoidance and the ability to use a team of dedicated personal assistants.
Its detailed street level maps are both stylish and clear. A green line shows your route ahead while your speed, estimated time of arrival and current time are displayed across the bottom .

Your current location and direction are shown using the Trafficmaster icon.

Its also incredibly stylish with a modern black and silver exterior giving it a slender and contemporary look.

Thankfully, it is easily removed from view to deter envious thieves.

  • Detailed UK and European Colour mapping
  • Displays accurate GPS based speed, current time, and ETA
  • Visual Speed camera warning (needs subscription)
  • Visual CCZ warning
  • The choice of a 3D or 2D main view
  • Smartnav route displayed on map as a green overlay
  • Smartnav directions displayed in right hand corner, with next turn distance
  • Autozoom function to increase the detail of junctions
  • Separate map view with pan/zoom facility
  • Settings for volume, brightness, autozoom, CCZ, Speed display, clock

It also features a useful quick-access fly-in bar to show volume, suspend, resume and re-route functions.

When not on a route, it allows a quick-access to enter a route by address, postcode last and favourites.



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