High Wycombe Wedding Day Steel Band

with Us . . . You will be Wise Before the Event

A little about us ..

At ‘Steelasophical’ we are very much at the pinnacle of ‘Caribbean Steel Drum Band Musical Entertainment’,

Specialising in those real days and events that mater in peoples lives.

Nothing much sweeter than knowing two people enjoying one of the happiest days of their lives, and “Steelasophical” being attributed (in no small way), in making your whole day an experience to live long in the memory.

Having spent the last 25+ years performing alongside many of the popular steelbands and Caribbean acts out there, I know the level that our professionalism, reliability, commitment & sophistication is very much elevated in comparison to most.

Communication, reliability & punctuality are the key – we will arrive at least 1 hour prior to start time (we do not subscribe to ‘West Indian Timing’) .. so well before clients, family and guests arrive

100% professional and not hobbyists. This is not a weekend pastime or opportunity to get together with the guys and have a great time at some else expense. There is continual investment in our service, hence forever growing and evolving .. as such, you could see how it can be said we now offer services literally second to none and at a very, very high standard…

What we bring you:

Unique Steeldrum Soloist

Unique Steeldrum Duo
Caribbean Music DJ
Caribbean Video Music
Audio Visuals
Professional Lighting
Lighting and atmospheric FX

After more than 25 years in the business, we have developed a network of gifted and reliable musical bands and entertainers, whom we collaborate with to provide the more traditional steelbands, steelband combo, soca and reggae bands

“Steelasophical Steel band Solo/Duo” however, is our core music business.
It utilises amazing steeldrum instruments, fused with great quality studio produced backing music trax music, to give a full and professional band sound .. from just one or two performers!

The concept is not unique, many top performers do this all the time and have done so for years and on the BIG stage! .. the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Simply Red .. It makes sense .. you get the best of both worlds .. great live vocals or live steeldrum sounds, but without the uncertainty and variation in backing band .. with us, the backing music is always as intended and perfect for the occasion, with the lead Pannist able to control the entire performance balance, sound, feel & volume, in one motion at any given time .. a must for background music where people want to be heard, but music is required to create that perfect tropical atmosphere

With Steelasophical, the basic music styles stretch over 14 genres and the song list itself has a base of well over 100 which grows weekly

Due to the nature of the composition of the act, the music can be as soft and gentle as a string quartet, to as loud and pulsating as a 6pc Caribbean steelband, Soca band, Pop group, Reggae or Salsa band .. something to take into account when comparing quotations

We can even compliment this with vocals, saxophone, percussion, more steeldrums .. it truly is amazing value and far much more than your conventional steelband or DJ …

Massively Versatile!

Leading provider of ‘Steel band’ Caribbean Steeldrum Music, Music DJ, Video DJ, Professional DMX Controlled Lighting, Wall Washing Scene Lighting and large Video Projection. No one else provides these many quality service items in such a professional manner. With music sold in over 40 Countries, a track Licensed to SONY MUSIC and used in a JAMES BOND Movie, and media sold in every major music reseller around the world. Managed to ‘sell Ice to the Eskimos’ with albums sold at the largest music store in Trinidad and as far flung as Japan and Australia. Are we expensive? we believe we give great value for something so professional and unique. There are many many cheaper, but hidden items make it a non fair level playing field. Unlike most, we are fully legally compliant with [£10,000,000 Public liability insurance], PAT certification, Pro-dub licenses, membership of MCPS, PRS, MY and BAS .. highly experienced with over 500+ weddings, 700+ private bookings, 370+ corporate bookings .. traveling not only the length and breadth of the UK (including Isle pof wight, Jersey, Guernsey, Wales, Ireland) .. to Havana Cuba and out in the far east to the state of Doha. For over 20 years I have performed from every type of Caribbean music acts (Traditional Steelbands, Steelband Combo’s, Large London Steel Orchestras, Soca Bands, Reggae Bands, Rock bands, Jazz band, function bands and DJ … Steelasophical has been the result of the last 20+ years experiences and combining all of the benefits that experience has given. Have even performed on stage with Jimmy Hill (long story), Gordon Haskell and such venues as the London Palladium and The Royal Festival Hall .. It takes a while for the concept of Steelasophical to hit home; how one or two performers can create such a fabulous sound, equal to and more than any combination of conventional Steel band .. the benefits of a ‘Steelasophical Steelband’ act are truly staggering. One unique act that can do everything from the very soft and gentlest of all the way up to high energy dancing .. couple that with Music Dj, Video Dj, Pro Lighting and scenic wall wash lighting control. Steelasophical can also be enhanced with the choice of addition of Latin Percussion’s, Saxophone, Vocals, More Pans … a truly international brand and leading the way in musical entertainment . . . take a look around this site (there so much to see), view all the info and services available and drop me a line … I look forward to the prospect of being able to be trusted in bringing a flava of the Caribbean to your special day

Gary Trotman – Steelasophical


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