Closer to Food Hatfield Galleria – Steelasophical Steel Band

Musical Performance at the Hatfield Galleria

High Wycombe based Steelasophical Steel Band performing at the Hatfield Galleria for Closer to Food week.

Client Testimonial 


Steelasophical Steel Drum Soloist Band

Steelasophical Steel Band @ The Hatfield Galleria

Arrival 9:30am

Music sets between 11 am and 4pm

5 x 40mins of steeldrums .. with DJ music service during breaks

Steelasophical at the Hatfield Galleria

Music for local shoppers during day one of the Food festival

originally booked for 3 hours between 11 and 2, then asked to perform longer for a further 2 hours


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Networked with ace Chef Patti (Patti Gyapomaa Sloley) .. author of ‘A Plate In The Sun’

A Plate in the Sun is a delicious fusion of Ghanaian, African and Western tastes brought together in easy to cook recipes. Simple snacks like fritters, or kelewele – ginger and chilli spiced plantain, to wholesome main dishes like black-eye beans with smoked haddock and bacon.

Patti also shares her take on classics like jollof rice and chicken peanut butter soup and family favourites like curried chicken liver pie and guava and plantain pudding. The dishes are simple and flavoursome and can bring a little bit of Africa to your cooking.

In Africa recipes are passed by word of mouth, from generation to generation, from family to family and from friend to friend so there are probably as many variants of a recipe as there are cooks. The undiscovered cuisine of this vast continent has much to offer and has been described as having some of the most interesting and satisfying foods in the world.

Its exciting and already diverse cultures are enriched by Arabic and Mediterranean influences through North Africa, from India through the East Coast, the Cape Malay through Southern Africa and from the West Coast the Portuguese, French, Dutch and British, to name a few.

Picture a late afternoon fading into early evening, as the sun begins to set, drinks chilling on ice and the smoky scent of kebabs as they sizzle over a charcoal fire. Aromas wafting along balmy breezes, palm fronds rustling, and somewhere along the tropical Atlantic coast, waves like enormous soap suds gently climb and hug the rocks … Akwaaba, welcome to Ghana, welcome to Africa!!

Patti’s ingredients are from Afro-Caribbean and Asian food shops and supermarkets. As they say “variety is the spice of life”.

About the Author:

Patti is a Ghanaian with a truly international perspective and an exuberant and enthusiastic cook. Born and educated in Ghana she spent a year in America as an AFS (American Field Service) exchange student and has lived in the UK since 1985. Most recently Patti is Front of House and a guest chef at the Jean-Christophe Novelli Academy Cookery School in Hertfordshire.

Gary Trotman – Steelasophical

High Wycombe Steel Band


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