Jersey Steel Band Hire – steelasophical

Jersey Steel Band Hire – steelasophical

Prices from £1,500 – Contact for Quote

The professionalism of the hard-working, United Kingdom steel band Steelasophical has brought them far, and every performance they do results in beautiful music that can satisfy all tastes and ages.

Steelasophical were trusted to add a Caribbean flavour to the James Bond movie Casino Royale, and have albums selling worldwide in over 42 countries.

Because the demand for this unique Steel Band is growing, more and more people are hiring them to play at specific venues, no matter what the occasion. Thankfully Steelasophical are now booking into the next 2 years.


Steelasophical Guernsey Jersey Steel BandSteelasophical Guernsey Steel Band

Band representative Gary Trotman commented, Naturally we are delighted. Recent appearances on British televisions Come Dine With Me, as well as movie production work, have really broadened our reach and appeal. As a result, we have extended our availability for the public to experience our unique Caribbean musical blend into the next few years.

Gary continued, People should know, that when they hire Steelasophical, they are getting the full package. We are not weekend or back garden hobbyists; professionalism and punctuality are our priority. Although we are entertainers, we take it seriously.

Steelasophical Guernsey Jersey Steel Band

Steelasophical Guernsey Steel Band

Jersey steel band hire is becoming more and more popular these days as people are beginning to appreciate the melodies, harmonies and tones these fascinating instruments can bring. Acoustic, Calypso, Reggae, Salsa, Bolero, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Latin, Popular and Cha ChaCha are all offered by Steelasophical and the tone and volume of the music can be adjusted to suit the size of the crowd and the spirit of the song.

Rather than putting your trust in traditional 8 piece bands that can be expensive, Steelasophical offer great value for money and guarantee you a good time. Solo or duo players can be hired to play for almost any occasion and they are more than happy to be your Wedding Steel Band so your special day goes off with a swing.

With over 100 songs on their Playlist and able to play 14 different genres of music, it is no wonder this Steel Band are at the top of their game.

To take advantage of their new availability, customers can find out more about Steelasophicals services and discount packages by visiting Jersey Steel band



United Kingdom-based Steel Band Steelasophical are a leading provider of Caribbean musical entertainment. From Film and TV appearances to wedding parties and multimedia projects, Steelasophical know how to hit the right note.

Steelasophical have twenty years of experience that helps to add a touch of glamour and celebration to any occasion. With the use of state of the art equipment and backing music if required, Steelasophical can make your venue come alive with Caribbean rhythms and music while adding a touch of sparkle and something special to any event.

Rather than simply performing at weekends and the occasional gig, every musician is 100% committed, ensuring a high level of competency that is guaranteed to please the audience, no matter how many times they play.

Guernsey Steelasophical are a popular choice for Steel Band Hire across the United Kingdom especially for Steel Band Wedding Day Music and Caribbean mobile DJ services

Prices from £1,500


Jersey A-Z


An important industry to the Island and the many employed in this sector. Important export items are Jersey Royal New Potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflowers, flowers and dairy produce.


Jersey Airport was established in 1937, prior to this, the visitors had to land on the beach at St Aubin’s Bay. The Airport is situated about 5 miles from town in St Peter, and you can expect to pay between £6 and £10 for a taxi from the airport to your hotel. There is also a public bus which leaves from the arrivals hall approximately every 30 minutes and goes to St Helier via St Brelade, St Peter and St Aubin. This is relatively cheap (approx. £1.20 per person, although if there are 4 of you, take a cab). If you have booked with a tour operator or direct with your hotel, transfers can normally be previously arranged, in which case these will be outside the departures hall in the coach area. There are numerous direct flights from England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland and Europe to Jersey. The Airport has most of the facilities of major UK airports. There are shops (bookstall, florist (Flying Flowers), perfumeries etc), a bar, restaurant, cafe and lounges. There are no Banks, however, there are cashpoints in the departures hall and a bureau de change in the arrivals hall (the arrivals and departures halls are adjacent).


There are many fine antiques and art shops in Jersey, even for the seasoned collector some unique items are on offer.


You will find every high street bank and up to 35 other well established banks, with offshore centres for client investments.


There are over 30 beaches and bays to sun yourself on or to take the kids paddling. Many with golden sand and deep blue water. Our beaches are recognised as being some of the cleanest in Europe.


There are of course money changing facilities at all major banks, most hotels, branches of Thomas Cook, most travel agents and the Main Post Office in Broad Street.


Jersey is most welcoming towards children. Many hotels give very good discounts to children (aged up to 15 years). There is also a good discount available on air or sea travel. Once in Jersey, your children should feel especially welcome. There are literally so many places to take them (even when the sun may not be shining). Children will of course generally pay half the adult rate on buses and in entrance fees to various attractions. For the younger ones, baby sitters and child minders are readily at hand, either through your hotel or through an agency in the local yellow pages. It is also possible to hire childrens bicycles so that the whole family can spend their holiday as a family. You will also note that along the Esplanade, you can hire 4 seater pedal buggies which the children love – and the not so young also adore !


There are 2 cinemas, the Odeon in Bath Street and the CineCentre at the Hotel de France. Both regularly show the current latest movies.


Jersey is usually the hottest place in the British Isles during the summer months and the mildest during the winter months. Take extra caution regarding sunburn, even on hazy days the sun is stronger than you would imagine and children particularly should be covered up between the hours of 11 – 4pm and wear sun block at all times.


Jersey really cares about its visitors and the locals are encouraged to give them a warm welcome although this is the normal custom for Jersey people anyway. There is an annual award scheme in which anyone, related to the tourim industry or not, is nominated for a variety of awards.


Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco are all substantially cheaper than on mainland UK and most American and Continental brands are also available.


Jersey is a major offshore finance centre and has all the postal and telecommunications facilities one would expect. Caution – your mobile ‘phone may not be compatible, although Jersey Telecoms can now rent you one, including the GSM option. See also Telephones.


Jersey is fast becoming an increasingly popular destination for major conferences. The unusually short flight time of 45 minutes from the UK (Southampton) and many direct European flight connections have all helped in this important growth area. There are a number of hotels suited for conferences, with many nearby who can accommodate those delegates who prefer smaller family hotels with a more intimate atmosphere.


Illegal drugs are totally banned in Jersey with extremely severe sentences. There are also very strict drinking and driving laws and being caught will usually mean a hefty fine and a ban of at least 1 year, and for a second offence a 2 year prison sentence can be implemented. Roadside breathalysers are used. Obviously, driving without insurance is a very serious matter. Serious crime in Jersey is thankfully extremely rare.


Jersey issues its own currency and has retained the ‘pound note’. The British and the Jersey pound are identical, there is no fee for exchanging them, and English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Guernsey notes are frequently used along with the Jersey notes.


Visitors and locals travelling to the UK can take the following items duty free:

  • 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grammes of tobacco
  • 1 litre of alcoholic drink if the strength is more than 22% volume or 2 litres if the strength is not more than 22% volume or 2 litres of fortified or sparkling wine plus 2 litres of still table wine
  • 60cc/ml of perfume and 250cc/ml of toilet water

The alcohol and tobacco allowances are for all persons aged 17 years and over. There is a price limit of £136 per person for gifts. Items in excess of £136 are liable to VAT.


For dancing, many fine restaurants offer live music with dinner. For discos, see nightlife.


If you need a dentist whilst in Jersey, there are many excellent surgeons. Please check with your hotel or consult the yellow pages.

DRIVING – bring your own car or hire one ?

Financially, it works out roughly the same (about £70 return by sea, and about £80 per week to hire one), although bringing your own will mean a longer journey. You need to drive to Poole and take the Wavepiercer (fast catamaran) to Jersey which takes 3 and a half hours. The luxury here is how much luggage you can take. Bear in mind that most flights from the UK take from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your location. In Jersey we drive on the left (same as UK), petrol is cheap and there is no road tax. There are many, many small country lanes which do need some negotiating, so a large car is not recommended. There is an Island-wide speed limit of 40mph. In addition, there are 10, 20 and 30mph restrictions in many built up areas. A yellow painted line across the road surface at a junction indicates entry into a major road and you must ensure it is clear and safe for you to pull out. A yellow grid at a junction means do not enter the box unless your exit is clear. There are also many ‘Filter in Turns’ which means just that. If you should have an accident, however small, you must inform a police officer and you must not move your vehicle. In country parishes inform a honourary policeman, ask a local how to find them (originally they were farmers and gave their valuable services to the parish for nothing). Seat belts must be worn and children under 14 years must travel in the back, with seat belts. Finally, please remember your driving licence for each person driving as you won’t be able to hire a car without one.


Jersey is a well-policed Island, however as in any place in the 1990’s, drugs do exist. However, any drug offence is taken extremely seriously. There are no warning signs at the departure points all around the UK or the sea ports on the continent concerning the situation of drugs in Jersey – there are extremely harsh sentences for possessing drugs, let alone trafficking. It really is not a wise idea as you can expect a very tough sentence if apprehended – after a recent court case in which a person was imprisoned for many years for trafficking a small quantity of cannabis, it was suggested that the ports and seaports should have warning notices. This may be implemented or it may not, but remember if there are no notices at your airport when you leave for Jersey, it is illegal and the sentences (as reported on 3 November 1995) are going to get much harsher. You have been warned.


See Hospital & Medical Care.


There are over 200 restaurants to cater for all tastes including many ethnic restaurants and of course traditional french cuisine, with some excellent fresh seafood, Jersey beef, the traditional Jersey New Potatoes and vegetarian dishes on offer. There is now a branch of McDonald’s in St Helier for kids who can’t survive without one !


Voltage is 240 volts AC.


Accounts for over 50% of the Island’s income and also a high percentage of the Island’s tax revenue. Sept ’94 bank deposits were £62 billion.


There are five riding stables in Jersey, and all are suited for the novice or the accomplished rider.


Local people must pay for their doctor’s treatment and even children must pay the average subsidised fee of approximately £10 per visit. For visitors there is a free treatment centre at the General Hospital which is generally open mornings only, and of course the Accident & Emergency Unit is open 24 hours for more urgent cases. If you do visit a doctor at his surgery, or call one out to your place of residence, expect to pay £20 for a surgery visit or up to £80 for a hotel/home visit (depending on time of day or night).


All accommodation taking more than five persons has to be registered and is inspected annually and graded by Jersey Tourism. Hotels have one to five sun symbols depending on the range and standard of facilities offered. Guest houses have one to three diamonds, and in both cases, the higher the number of symbols the higher the standard.


Holiday insurance at present is an option. It should really be stressed how important it is to take out adequate cover when travelling to Jersey. The hospitals are excellent and free, however should your stay be extended by illness or accident, then hotel bills for your travelling companion(s) can mount up. Also consider the cost of replacing unused air tickets. If you take out insurance you will also be covered for lost baggage, delayed departure, cancellation, personal money, personal liability, missed departure and legal expenses (check your policy as many differ).


See the Jersey Library Home Page


Public Houses are open every day from 9am to 11pm. Drinking up time is 20 minutes (until 11:20pm).


Jersey’s official lottery draws are held every two weeks. Thousands of winning numbers are drawn electronically by a computer called ‘Super Fred’. The big prize is a minimum of £40,000 and during bumper draws can be as much as £190,000 and there are also many smaller prizes such as £5 or £10. Tickets are £1 each or you can buy a half ticket for 50p although obviously you would only win half the prize. The Lottery is now televised ‘live’ at 6.25pm on the day of the draw.


St Helier has a really lovely marina, where you can go and look at the very expensive yachts that are either resident or visiting the Island. Perfect on summer evenings for a stroll on your way along the shoreline. It is also worth seeing Gorey and St Aubin’s Harbour.


The fine Victorian Central Market in Beresford Street (opposite Woolworths) in St Helier is the place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and every kind of meat. There is also a wide selection of cut flowers and a flower postal service too. On the other side of the street is the Fish Market, even if you are not buying, it’s worth a visit to see the many different seafoods on offer (both markets are closed on Thursday afternoons).


Jersey has some superb Museums which are just waiting for you to visit. They are:

  • The Jersey Museum, St Helier
  • Hamptonne Country Life Museum, St Lawrence
  • Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey
  • La Hougue Bie Museum, Grouville
  • Elizabeth Castle, St Helier
  • Sir Francis Cook Gallery, Trinity
  • Jersey Motor Museum, St Peter


The national UK newspapers arrive in the Island at around 5.45am on the day of publication (except in severe weather) and go on sale from around 7am.


There are over 15 nightclubs in Jersey. They are now open until 2.30am 7 nights a week. The most popular are located on the Esplanade in St Helier.


Visit Jersey’s Parliament, known as ‘the States’ and eavesdrop on the decisions made by the Senators.


Passports are not required for all persons arriving from a UK air or sea port (ie England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man) Remember to bring your passport if you fancy a day trip to France.


There is a total ban on the importation of any animal from all countries (except the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland). Some hotels and guest houses will accept a small dog with prior arrangement, and many more will accept guide dogs, again this must be stated when booking.


The population is 89,000, with over 35,000 mainly from the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal and many other countries.


Jersey has its own independent Postal Service and has its own stamps. In Jersey there is only one class (generally very efficient – next day delivery in mainland UK) although make sure that you use Jersey stamps. UK and Guernsey stamps are notvalid.


Banks, offices and many shops close on public & bank holidays. Also note many businesses close on the afternoon of the Battle of Flowers (the second Thursday in August) There is a general acceptance of a half day closing on Thursday afternoons. This only affects shops. The banks and UK chain shops remain open. Jersey has it’s own Bank Holiday, 9th May being Liberation Day.


There are many, many pubs in Jersey. Probably more pubs than jewellery shops! Most offer excellent, clean facilities with some superb pub meals (Check first if children are allowed).


All the usual mainland broadcasts can be heard on radio and seen on television (BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel Four & all Satellite channels) including the favourite ‘soap operas’ such as Coronation Street and EastEnders etc.There are two local radio stations Channel 103FM (103.7FM) and Radio Jersey (88.8FM) and a local TV station Channel Television. They all run regular news programmes for both national and local news.

Check out Channel 103FM Jersey News (updated 3 times daily).


Whatever your nationality or creed, you will find a suitable church


The Island is 9 miles x 5 miles (app. 13.5km x 7.5km).


Most public telephones are now operated on a telephone card system although coin ‘phones can still be found in some places. Phonecards can be bought in many denominations from £2 to £10 and they are also extremely sought-after by collectors. Mobile Telephones (Vodaphone and Cellnet) are not generally usable in Jersey. The new GSM ‘phones from Jersey Telecoms are usable worldwide (in affiliated countries). If you need to rent a mobile ‘phone while in Jersey, contact Jersey Telecoms (Tel: 01534-882500) or if flying with Air UK, you can rent one from them, contact 0345-666777.


Jersey has some of the highest tides in Europe, with very dramatic changes in water levels in just a few hours. Be very careful on the beach, especially in rocky areas – keep your eye on the tide. The parish of St Clements doubles in size when the tide is out.


The time in Jersey follows the UK exactly (GMT & BST).


The Island is well served and public conveniences can be found in most public places. Generally, at all multi-storey car parks, in and around the town area, at most beaches and in most country parishes.


Accounts for approximately 25% of the Island’s income and a similar proportion of taxes.


Does not exist in Jersey. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile shopping around to ensure that the UK VAT element has been properly deducted.


There are multitudes of walks and footpaths to suit even the seasoned ‘hiker’. It is now possible to walk from the far north-west to the far north east of the island on a delightful 16 mile course, taking in some of the most fabulous scenery. There is now an extensive (ever-growing) network of green lanes, which give priority to the pedestrian, cyclist and horse rider.


Local mains water is perfectly safe to drink and is of a very high quality. In country areas some properties may be on borehole or well, and it is advisable to check that the water is suitable for young children to drink.


Some of the world’s best surfing, waterskiing, scuba diving and sailing is on offer.


Following a recent amendment to the Jersey Weddings Law it is now possible for visitors to get married in Jersey. See Weddings and Honeymoons in Jersey


There are many hotels and facilities adapted for the disabled. Wheelchairs can be hired via your hotel or travel agent and assistance can be given from the airline (ensure you state this at the time of booking). Jersey Tourism have produced their own ‘Access Guide’. You can obtain this by telephoning them on 01534 – 500800, or by E-mailing us at Check out our own Disabled Access Guide.


An absolute must. The Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust is renowned worldwide for its endeavours in the animal kingdom. A really beautiful location. Not at all like most zoos, allow a good 4 hours to see everything.


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