15 Ways to Advertise Your Photography FOC

15 Ways to Advertise Your Photography FOC (free of charge)



1. Get listed on google.com/places

2. Get listed in the online Yellow Pages

3. Search craigslist for clients who are looking for photographers.

4. Start a Facebook Page

5. Start a Twitter Account

6. Start a Pinterest Account

7. When you photograph somewhere connect with the location and trade photos for mention of your business on their website. For example, when you photograph a wedding connect with all the other vendors and offer them your photos in exchange for a link directly to your website on their website.

8. Connect with area midwives to offer their clients discounts on newborn photos.

9. Connect with area wedding planners to share with them your services and connect with them.

10. Boost your search engine optimization on your website with our >SEO guide< Boosting your SEO and coming out in the top of the search results for your area can get you inquiries for free.

11. Blog daily. If you don’t have a blog, grab one at wordpress.com

12. Trade photography services with a local business who does a lot of business with your target audience.

13. Advertise (make fliers) for children’s photography and work with local preschools and daycares to offer their clients a discount.

14. Friend your clients on your personal page on Facebook and tag them in their photos on your Facebook Business Page. Brings in free referrals!

15. Donate services to breast cancer auctions and other events by certified organizations to get word out about your business.




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