Cuttie Williams

New album

in the inspirational land of Africa

The Gambia 

Cuttie Williams first visited the country in January and just like many visitors or holiday makers; he fell in love with the beautiful people and the land of the smiling coast of Africa. He is here in the country to launch his debut album “NOW AND THEN” which was not out of the kitchen during his first visit, and since then he’s been having the tickling feeling to go back to England to finish his unfinished projects. Now the album is fully baked and ready to be served to the world but first the Gambia is given the total honor to have the first taste of the album as the land of inspiration and spiritual landmarks as Oko Drammeh delicately put it during the press conference he called on Tuesday 3 April at Alliance Francaise Banjul.
“The Gambia is a spiritual and divine revelation for blacks around the world” said Mr. Drammeh who is working with Cuttie Williams and the marketing strategist. According to Cuttie Williams himself, the album “NOW AND THEN” is predominantly soulful reggae, jazzy and more diverse. It is an 11 track album which was mostly produced by him with a lot of help from other musicians to make the album thorough. Oko Drammeh further explained that, Cuttie Williams is a success story in music and that’s why he is proud to be part of the success story and he is confident that Williams can offer a lot more than just collaborating with local acts but he can change the perspective of Gambian music scene in terms of his vast experience and knowledge in studio engineering and musical instruments, “my interest in his music is scientific and as well as social ” said Mr. Drammeh “though The Gambia is not the financial centre for Williams music but it is his source of inspiration to conquer the world” he added.
The official launching and release date of the NOW AND THEN album will be known to all very soon.
A gifted Caribbean vocalist musician born in London, England ,started his musical journey as a bass player learning his craft at a snail’s pace listening to the likes of the great Aston family man Barret of the Wailers, and Motown’s genius Jamie Jameson before graduating to have the honor of standing with bass in hand behind the legendary Alton Ellis (the godfather of rock steady) Horace Andy, Carroll Thompson, Louisa Mark amongst many other pioneers of Reggae and then adding vocal strings to his bow to travel to the next level to provide the world with good music.
Cuttie Williams who spent his formative years in the beautiful island of St. Kitts located in the eastern Caribbean is no stranger to the world of live entertainment, a true connoisseur in the field of performing arts and a charismatic performer with a vibrant range and flavor in vocal and a harmonious gift gracing the international platform with a variety of music genres like Soul, R&B, Reggae, Calypso, Latin, Jazz with a quality that can be experienced for self only. He catered for most occasions, where he has been likened as soul legend Marvin Gaye with the majestic presence of Bob Marley.
Over the years Cuttie has worked with some of the finest artists and musicians who have provided the sound tracks of our lives for many a generation like Tina Turner, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jocelyn Brown, Alexander O’Neil and so many other acts he has graciously opened concerts for and sang for. He is currently in the Gambia to launch his debut album “Now and Then”

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  1. Cannot wait to hear his album!

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