Getting married – documents to be produced

Getting married – documents to be produced

By law, each party to a proposed marriage is required to complete a marriage notice form. The form can also be obtained from any Registrar’s Office.

Marriage notice

If you are having a religious ceremony, the person performing the ceremony (Officiant) must also complete the relevant section of each form to confirm that he/she is willing to perform the ceremony.

It is important to understand that by signing the notice you are making a declaration that the information given on the notice is correct. As a safeguard against bigamous marriages, a subsequent check of the information may be made by the General Register Office for Northern Ireland.

Documents to be produced

All marriages

The Registrar needs to see documents that prove your age, nationality and identity. If you were born in the UK, provide your full birth certificate (long version) and passport.

If you were born outside the UK, provide the certified copy of your birth issued by the appropriate authority of that country and your passport or national identity card;

People who have been married before

If you have been married before and the marriage was dissolved, a certificate of Decree Absolute must be produced. A decree of divorce granted either in or outside of Northern Ireland must be absolute or final. A decree nisi is not acceptable.

If you are divorced and you have retained your married name, your previous marriage certificate must be produced.

If you are a widow or widower, the death certificate of your former spouse must be produced.

Language of documents

If any of the documents are in a language other than English, a certified translation in English must also be provided.

What to do if documents are not yet available for submission

Do not delay giving notice simply because you are waiting for any of the documents mentioned above. Authorised or notarised copies may be acceptable for the purpose of giving notice, however the Registrar must see the original of any of the above documents before a marriage can take place. It is better to give notice first and then pass the documents to the registrar when they become available. Provided the documents are in order the marriage can proceed as arranged.

If you are visiting Northern Ireland (or any part of the UK) to be married and you are a citizen of a country that is not a member of the European Economic Area, you will need to enclose a copy of your marriage tourist/fiancée visa or certificate of approval.

Photocopies of documents are not acceptable unless certified to be a true copy by the issuing authority.


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