DEALicious Caribbean Music Steelasophical



Caribbean Music Steelasophical


DEALicious Caribbean Music Steelasophical

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Now Booking for

Breakfast Meeting ~ Corporate Lunch ~ Product Launch ~ Cultural Celebration ~ School Workshop Demonstration ~ Businesss Promotion ~ Corporate Hospitality ~ Family Occasions ~ Lunchtime Music ~ Business Lunch ~ Ward Opening ~ BBQ ~ Residential Home Lunch ~ Store Promotion ~ FunDay ~ Open Day .. and much much more

Clients in Wycombe are on to the biggest winner, as no additional travel expenses are added to the fee. To all non local locations, travel is charged at 40 pence per mile. Arrival is 1 hour prior to start time, and the clock is ticking from the start of the performance. When live steeldrum usic isnot being played, a suitable slelction of DJ background music will seamlessly maintain the musical backdrop throughout

Some Examples:

9am – 10am – (1 hour) £60 + any expenes

11am – 2pm – (3 hours) £180 + any expenses

9am – 2pm – (5 hours) £300 + any  expenses

Below are some of our clients who have used leverage of a small outlay to gain the maximum level of impact


Solo Steel Band DEALicious music brunch offer

Monday to Friday

Between 8am and 2pm

Just £60 / hour (performance fee)

Travel charged at 40 pence per mile

too good to be true??

what an amazing DEALicious gift from Us to You

steel band hire

For next to no money at all compared to the cost of hiring livel musical entertainemt

Steelasophical welcomes you to our amazing music DEALicious Brunch offer. You can hire our premier Caribbean steel Drum Soloist Band (absolute full band sound) OR our Caribbean mobile DJ and PA system services.

becasue Steelasophical is a 100% professional service, music is what we do all day every day. To make best use of the leaner period outside of the peak times of 2:01pm onwards, we are able to provide our live musical and PA / DJ services during times when others are not able to. This is proving to be a very popular resourse for so many clients

Entertainament agencies are benefiting from providing their huge client base with an unbelievavble ofer that others are just not able nor willing to provide. We at Steelasophical never stand still and very much building on our already formidable industry reputation

– Wedding Day Music Specialists

– Leading Solo/Duo Caribbean music Act

– Caribbean Mobile Dj Service (with equipment that dedicated DJ’s envy)

– Sony Music chose ARC Music and Steelasophical to add a tropical caribbean vibe to their James Bond movie Casino Royale

– Martyn Young when chosen to appear on Come Dine With Me, chose  Steelasophical and 1st Choice Entertainment above all others to provide a winning musical evening for guests

– ARC Music and Steelasophical providing Caribbean Steeldrum Albums selling world-wide in over 42 countries

– Music used in TV, Film, Movie, Advertising, Promotion, Library and Multimedia


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