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Gary Trotman – Steelasophical with music in the iconic british movie franchise James Bond 007 – Casino Royale.

Traditional steel band:

This options is an amazing form of entertainment and there are many examples of fine bands and musicians around the UK. They bring a true Caribbean flava to any event (even in the English cold weather)

Having played in many a great steelband, I know from first experience that the music and atmosphere they can produce is nothing short of inspirational and amazing.

The traditional Steel Band consist of a range of steeldrums with some form of percussive accompaniment .. a lovely throw back to the ole days and the origins.

Early bands that performed with consisted of a Lead Tenor, Double Tenor, Guitar Pan, Bass Pans and a Drum Kit. It was possible to expand the band by adding other musical instruments in the steeldrum family such as Double Second, Cello, Grundig and the Dup-dup (two noted steel band bass drum)

Examples of the more popular bands who regularly carry out performances for fetes, carnivals, parties, weddings, corporate functions .. most have very colourful names and appearances

Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrums – Caribbean Sunrise Steelband High WYcombe

UK Based All Steel Bands

Ebony Steelband, Big Sand Steel band, Caribbean Sunrise, Caribbean Express, Happy Jacks, Juma Steelband, Steelasophical Acoustic Trio, Metronomes Steelband, Carib Allstars, London All Stars, Stardust Steelband, Phase 1, Maestro Steelband, North Stars,

Famous World All Steel Large Orchestra Bands

Renegades, Desperadoes, Hatters, All Stars, Fonclaire, Phase2

Many have a very traditional view and perception of steeldrum  music and find this a great way to bring that feel and perception into their event. Traditional steelbands can still be seen today in places where  background music is required, no electrics or minimal budget (compared to other alternatives)

London Flower Show, Carnivals, Regatta’s, Wedding Drinks Receptions, Corporate and promotional.

Most play very traditional numbers which are stereotypically common to all . . .  Yellow Birds, Island In The Sun, Jamaica Farewell, Never On A Sunday, Spanish Eyes, Quando, Spanish Harlem, Brown Girl In The Ring, … also many popular and well known Reggaes made popular by the likes of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and UB40

2007 sees the celebration of the 29th anniversary of the Notting Hill Panorama, ‘Champions of Steel’ competition on the 25th August 2007 to be held in Hyde Park. For many years, Honiman’s Pleasant on Kensal Road has been the venue for this iconic Carnival event. Since the Russell Henderson steelband played at the inaugural Notting Hill Children’s Neighbourhood Festival

in 1964, organised by Rhaune Laslett, steelband music is noted as the first recognised form of music to appear at the Carnival and continues to play an important role in what is now termed
the largest street festival in Europe and possibly the world with the exception of Brazil’s Carnival.

Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrums


The first National Steel band competition was held in 1978 and was won by Paddington Youth Steel Orchestra led by Zac Herbert. This annual national

steelband musical battle sees top UK bands vying for the coveted title of the Notting Hill, ‘Champions of Steel’ with great enthusiasm and vigour. On the evening of the 25th August 2007 the audience at Hyde Park will witness
nine steel orchestras with over 500 pan musicians who practice for hundreds
of hours, play thousands of pan instruments. An explosion of sweet steel pan music ringing out musical renditions from the past as well as the present

will be heard. The audience will be in awe when hit by these inspiring musical pieces. Steel pan has and always been the perfect machinery to promote unity in diversity.

Over the past four years the UK pan fraternity has seen an influx of young ‘local’ pan arrangers develop into established musicians and also win the coveted title in the likes of Kyron Akal.

EVENT PROFILE ●●● Other young arrangers in the competition

include Brent Holder, Leroy Clarke, Paul Dowie, Chris Storey and joining them for 2007 is gifted Samuel Du Bois who will be arranging for Ebony Steel Orchestra.

These young arrangers will certainly have a musical war on their hands when they come up against the likes of world renowned steelband arrangers Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe, Rudy ‘Two Lef’ Smith, Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore and Eustace Benjamin.

Bands appearing on the night
are Croydon, Ebony, Glissando, Mangrove, Metronomes, Pantasia, Real Steel, Southside and Stardust. This competition will certainly continue to offer its audience an evening filled with a wealth of steelband music. The British Association of Steelbands would like
to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Carnival 2007

Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrums
Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrums BILLY OCEAN


UK Steel Band Panorama
Where: Parade Ground, Hyde Park
Described by many of its fans as the best kept secret of the Notting Hill Carnival season of musical events, Panorama is the UK’s showcase for steel band music. With a variety of live music and activities for kids and families, you’ll get the full effects of a steel band orchestra with the latest calypso and soca music.

2009 saw the 31st anniversary of the National Panorama Championship and was expected to attract over 5,000 spectators for what is seen as the official start of the Notting Hill Carnival. Musicians will have come from all over the UK to compete, and attempt to be crowned the Champions of Steel. This event is free to attend. … a sad day indeed when the great competition was relegated to a Party In The Park type event

How before Carnival itself is taken off the streets of Nottinghill and into Hyde Patk

Ebony steel band
Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrums


Steelband Combo:

This is a variation on the traditional steelband. It is basically a steelband augmented in some way to incorporate other musical instrumental influences such as bass guitar, drum machine, keyboards, vocals or even live drums. These allow the increased flexibility for larger venues, audiences and occasions where livelier (and louder) music is a benefit for sound transfer and high energy dancing

In reality, these bands have more conventional instruments tan steeldrums, so you may only find one or two steeldrum players performing in the band

Good examples of these would be David Brewster Steel/Reggae/Soca band from Reading in Berkshire, The New Sound Hurricane Force Steelband, Friends Band lead by Chris (Scrubby) Jackson, XCS from High Wycombe

As an example, The New Sound Hurricane Force Band consisted of 2 pans, guitar, bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, Conga and Simmons Drums Kit

Gary Trotman – Steelasophical with music in the iconic british movie franchise James Bond 007 – Casino Royale.
Caribbean function/ Soca / Reggae bands:

These incorporate conventional instruments (drums, keyboards, guitar, percussion’s, brass) and are absolutely great for dancing and for filling any large venue.. especially where a PA system is also incorporated. Vocals play a part in the performance and much interaction with the audience is encouraged

caribbean steeldrums 20 most popular melodies
Caribbean steeldrums 20 famous tropical melodies
Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrums Steelpan


The Concept of Steelasophical:

Steelasophical was the brainchild of Pannist, multi-instrumentalist, music composer and arranger Mr. Gary Trotman.

After many years of performing in Traditional Steelband’s, caribbean Soca bands, function bands, DJ’s, Soca and reggae bands (seen it and done it all many times over), I knew there had to be a niche market to incorporate the very best of all the above services, and hence Steelasophical was born

Born from all the years of experience in playing in such bands and performing along side some of the best DJ’s and function bands around the UK, the idea of finding a way to combine the best of all worlds finally came to life

Steelasophical utilises the very finest set of Caribbean Steeldrums, utilised as a Vocal Instrumentalist (much like a quality Caribbean Singer)

Steelasophical is one of the pioneering Caribbean Music acts based in the UK.

The concept of steelasophical is to affect a fusion of live performing traditional steel bands and the iconic DJ with recorded music tracks

Steelasophical is based around its founder and musician Gary Trotman, who from his home studio produces a number of high quality backing tracks upon which live steeldrum melodies are played over.

This gives great versatility, as the repertoire range can be truly endless


Gary Trotman – (DofM)

On behalf of Steelasophical

Steelasophical is a leading provider of Caribbean musical entertainment .. Steeldrum solo and duo, Mobile Dj and music albums and tracks selling world-wide in over 42 countries. Trust in steelasophical to bring the Caribbean to you and transform your event like no other

With Music incorporated in the James Bond 007 Movie – Casino Royale

80,000+ Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrum Albums Sold World-wide in over 42 Countries

Recent Musical performance on the Channel 4 ‘Come Dine with Me’

Compliance with the EAWR 1989 for electrical safety

£10m Public liability Insurance

100% Professional Service – NOT a weekend hobby

Steelasophical Caribbean Musical Entertainment

Steelasophical House

High Wycombe

01494 463 869

07540 30 7890

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