How well do you know your h2b? Take our all-new Mr & Mrs Quiz and find out!

How well do you know your h2b? Take our all-new Mr & Mrs Quiz and find out!

Mr & Mrs



1. What’s the one thing (apart from you) that he’d save in a fire?

2. What would he say is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

3. What’s the name of his favourite celebrity crush?

4. What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

5. What would he say is your most annoying habit?

6. What would you say was his most annoying habit?

7. What’s his favourite sexual position?

8. Who would play him in a movie of his life?

9. What’s his favourite part of your body?

10. What’s your favourite part of his body?

11. Where does your h2b want to go on honeymoon?

12. How many children does he want?

13. What year did you get together?

14. Would you trust him to choose your wedding dress?

15. How many times did he take his driving test?

16. What’s his favourite meal?

17. Who wears the trousers in your relationship?

18. What’s his special name for you? And yours for him?

19. Would you rather spend an evening out with his parents or your parents?

20. What’s his favourite song? What would he say your favourite song is?

21. What’s the first movie you ever saw together?

22. What’s his favourite time of year?

23. Where did you go on your first date?

24. What were his exact words when he proposed?


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