Steelasophical Caribbean Experience Package

Steelasophical Caribbean Experience Package

We bring the Caribbean to you


Steelasophical Caribbean Experience Package


Everything you need for a great Caribbean themed event. We kick off the evening with our Caribbean steeldrums (Solo/Duo orTrio) –  melodic background music to create a tropical and uplifting atmosphere, getting people in the mood as they arrive for a great night out.

Our Tropical mobile Dj has an amazing music selection with a focus on the Caribbean Classics and songs people know and love.

Variety is so important, which is why we incorporate an amazing vocalist entertainer … not just a singer, but someone who connects with the audience, gets them involved and makes the whole experience interactive and memorable

Want something fun and interactive? … we bring you Limbo By Design, the UK’s best professional limbo dancing kit. Steelasophical uses this to get everyone involved and even offer prizes for the best dancers who can go the lowest

Visual effects are just as important as the quality of sound – to that end we utilise professional LED lighting to color-wash your venue transforming it into a tropical visual feast

Steel drum duo / trio

Caribbean Mobile Dj

Vocal Entertainer

Limbo by Design

Venue theme lighting

Steelasophical Caribbean Experience Package

Let us entertain you with a complete Caribbean Party Package – plenty of variety


Steel drum solo /duo / trio

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Caribbean Mobile Dj

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Vocal Entertainer

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Limbo by Design

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Venue theme lighting


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Gary Trotman – (DofM)

On behalf of Steelasophical

Steelasophical is a leading provider of Caribbean musical entertainment .. Steeldrum solo and duo, Mobile Dj and music albums and tracks selling world-wide in over 42 countries. Trust in steelasophical to bring the Caribbean to you and transform your event like no other

With Music incorporated in the James Bond 007 Movie – Casino Royale

80,000+ Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrum Albums Sold World-wide in over 42 Countries

Recent Musical performance on the Channel 4 ‘Come Dine with Me’

Compliance with the EAWR 1989 for electrical safety

£10m Public liability Insurance

100% Professional Service – NOT a weekend hobby

Steelasophical Caribbean Musical Entertainment

Steelasophical House

High Wycombe

01494 463 869

07540 30 7890




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