Five Wedding Trends for 2015

Five Wedding Trends for 2015


 Here is a great article I wanted to share with you by Percy, with 5 simple wedding trends for this new year 2015 that I hope you will enjoy!
A trend is defined as a veer to a new direction…which seems to shift every couple of years in the wedding and event industry. For example the peony was the “it” flower for a few years before the dahlia took over. Vintage, Rustic, Shabby Chic were key words to describe the style of the wedding design and decor. Cathedral length veils were all the rage and lace wedding gowns had a resurgence in the market. Gray tuxedo’s became the hip color for grooms to wear and we saw tons of pinks and purples out there with GOLD GOLD GOLD.I think the tide has changed and we are about to see the new trends emerge in 2015 that will be carried on to the next couple of years. I’m looking forward to the era of Earthy, Unexpected Glam!Here’s my five wedding “IT” list for 2015:

Sheer Illusion

will be a big trend in wedding gowns. Especially those that have been beaded, embroidered or appliqued. There’s sex appeal and glamour to the look. But it’s also refined and interesting. The Fall 2015 bridal runways had it being showcased by many designers and I think this will be the go to look for brides in the next couple of years. Sheer Elegance!Steelasophical-wedding-dress-sheer

Navy is the New Gray.

For men…gone will be the drab gray that has overwhelmed the market. Navy will make a resurgence for it’s understated elegance with just the right touch of interest to make the groom and his men stand out a bit. For the colder months (fall and winter)…I think blue velvet will make a great statement piece for the guys.


is going to be the it color of the year – IMHO. I think it’s a statement piece that will easily bring a pop of color to any wedding or event. It’s such a earthy joyful tone that’s bold and subdued, new and old world, mysterious but comforting. Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year, will make a great accent color to my color pick of 2015.


is one of my favorite flowers and I’m calling it the “IT” flower of 2015. It’s such an iconic bloom that transcends eras. It’s a fragrant without being overbearing. It’s color is the perfect white tone – not too bright and not to ivory. It works well with other flowers or looks gorgeous on it’s own. I think you will be seeing this a lot in the next couple of seasons.



is the new metal/metallic to use this year. Gold and Silver will always have a special place in my heart but I am loving everything copper…from the dull and tarnished copper to bright and new. It’s so au courant and also on-trend with the whole Pantone Marsala thing.

Anyway…these are my “it” trend predictions.

Let’s see if I am right…

Let’s Celebrate!

Credit to Percy Sales Events

Percy Sales (pronounced sah-les) is a Santa Barbara, California based wedding planner and event designer. He was born in Manila, Philippines and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He came into his career as an event planner by fluke, applying for a position as an event specialist for an international marketing company on a whim. He wanted to find a way to incorporate his talents in design and marketing in his career. He felt that an event planner would be a great way to marry the two, while creating environments and experiences that made people happy. Percy was a corporate event planner for 11 years before establishing his own event company, Percy Sales Events. He holds a MBA in


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