The CHAUVET ® DJ GigBAR IRC combines 4 essential lighting fixtures mounted. The 4-in-1 GigBARIRC maximizes convenience and ease of set-up …. CHAUVET Is Cool On Dance Floor At New York’s Hottest New Club

Offers Four-In-One Lightshow

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CHAUVET DJ has released its new GigBAR IRC – a portable lightshow package that combines LED pars, LED derbies, strobes and a laser into one portable unit. The new multi-effects bar fixture gives mobile DJs an easily transportable and simple-to-use solution, allowing them to update their show with eye-catching effects without the need to carry a large number of units.

contains two par fixtures, powered by six 2.5-watt tri-colour (RGB) LEDs; two LED derbies, which shoot out 42 red, green and blue rotating beams; one adjustable green laser; and four high power, white LED strobes. These effects work together to produce a varying display of colour, movement and depth, making the GigBAR IRC ideal for mobile DJs wanting to fill dance-floors with bold washes of smoothly mixed colour, moving patterns, futuristic laser effects and intense strobing with chase and slow motion effects.The unit features built-in automated and sound activated programs that incorporate all of the four effects – great for DJs just starting out or with limited knowledge of DMX – while in-depth and a more customised look can be achieved using DMX mode, with three channel modes available: 3, 9 and 20. Meanwhile, to cover wide areas, multiple GigBAR IRC units can be run in master/slave mode; controlled by the wireless footswitch (from a distance of up to 30 metres) or the IRC-6 remote controller (from a distance of 9 metres).

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“offers the perfect solution for DJs, musicians and mobile entertainers who want to upgrade their performance with a complete multi-effects lightshow, but might not be sure how to choose and operate individual effects to get them to work together,” said Nick Airriess, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “Everything you need is packaged in this one very affordable and portable setup, including four of today’s most popular club lighting effects, along with built-in programs that merge them all together into turnkey lightshows that virtually anyone can operate. But although we designed the GigBAR IRC to be very easy to use, it’s also flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of venues, events and needs.”

Chauvet Website

Remaining compact enough to take on the road, despite its many effects, the GigBAR IRC weighs in at 6.6kg, measures 1,185mm in length, and includes carrying bags, a tripod and mounting brackets; meaning it’s easy for mobile DJs to transport and quick to setup.

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For further convenience, the heads on the GigBAR IRC are interchangeable and adjustable, so they can be mounted in different spots to suit the needs of the user. This flexibility makes the fixture especially suited to the requirements of the wedding DJ.

The GigBAR IRC is available now


Note! European version includes green laser only.

The CHAUVET® DJ GigBAR™ IRC combines 4 essential lighting fixtures mounted onto a single control bar. The 4-in-1 GigBAR™ IRC maximises convenience and ease of set-up and take-down for mobile entertainers who want to create a dynamic lighting experience for any event. The system includes a pair of LED Derby-style effect lights, a pair of LED pars, a laser and a strobe effect. Get in and out quickly with the included tripod, foot-switch controller, IRC-6 remote and carry bags. The GigBAR™ IRC features phenomenal built-in automated and sound-activated programs that include all 4 effects to make one complete show. Easily control the GigBAR™ IRC from the display, IRC-6 remote control, wireless foot-switch or DMX to take your gig to a higher level. Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units.

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The Chauvet DJ Gig Bar IRC is versatile and affordable and will definitely put a professional spin on your presentation.

  • 4-in-1 light that includes a pair of LED derbies, a pair of LED Pars, a laser, and strobe effect all mounted on one bar
  • 4 individually adjustable and interchangeable heads
  • Includes tripod, wireless footswitch and carry bags
  • Ready for every application using the included mounting brackets to attach to truss
  • 4 high-power, LED strobe lights create exciting chase and slow motion effects
  • Adjustable red and green laser scatters hundreds of bright dots and beams in all the right directions
  • Derbies project 42 red, green, and blue rotating beams from high-power LEDs
  • Built-in automated and sound-activated programs that include all 4 effects to make one complete show
  • Easily control from the display, IRC-6, wireless footswitch or DMX to take your gig to a higher level
  • Master/slave multiple units under the control of a single IRC-6 or wireless footswitch
  • Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units

    gigbar_brochure• DMX Channels: 3, 8 or 19
    • DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
    • Light Source (Pars): 6 LEDs (tri-color RGB) 2.5 W (956 mA), 50,000 hours life expectancy
    • Light Source (strobe): 4 LEDs (white) 1 W (281 mA), 50,000 hours life expectancy
    • Light Source (derby): 6 LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue) 2 W (600 mA), 50,000 hours life expectancy
    • Light Source: 532 nm/30 mW (green) laser diode
    • Strobe Rate (strobe): 0 to 18 Hz
    • Stand Height: 1.5 to 2.5 m
    • Tripod Leg Width: 1.2 m
    • Beam Angle (Pars): 13°
    • Beam Angle (strobe): 8°
    • Field Angle (Pars): 24°
    • Field Angle (strobe): 18°
    • Coverage Angle (laser): 93°
    • Coverage Angle (derby): 114°
    • Footswitch Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
    • Illuminance (Pars): 1,205 lux @ 2 m (per head)
    • Illuminance (strobe): 86 lux @ 2 m (per zone)
    • Footswitch Max Unobstructed Distance: 100 ft (30.5 m)
    • Power Linking: 29 units @ 230 V
    • Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
    • Power and Current: 43 W, 1 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
    • Fits Tripod Sizes: 37.4 mm
    • Weight: 6.6 kg
    • Size: 1,185 x 110 x 387 mm
    • Optional Controllers: IRC-6
    • Classified per EN/IEC 60825-1:2007
    • Approvals: CE, RTTE


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