Walk Through a Wedding from Start to Finish in 20 Steps

Walk Through a Wedding from Start to Finish in 20 StepsWalk Through a Wedding from Start to Finish in 20 Steps

Last year, lighting company Profoto teamed up with New England-based wedding photographers Justin and Mary Marantz to create a series of behind-the-scenes videos showing how the duo goes about shooting a wedding from start to finish. The Walk Through a Wedding series started in February 2014 and ended in December of that year with 20 short videos.

Each video offers a glimpse into the couple’s mindset and photo process for a particular shot, starting with an “iconic” portrait of the bride at the beginning of the day to capturing a couple’s sparkler exit at the end.

As you might expect, the series is Profoto-centric when it comes to lighting. Here’s the complete series:

#1: The Iconic Bridal Portrait
#2: Shooting the Wedding Dress
#3: The Girls/Bride Getting Ready
#4: The Bridal Details
#5: The Guys/Groom Getting Ready
#6: The Processional
#7: The First Kiss
#8: Shooting Family Photos Quickly
#9: Shooting the Reception Details in a Time Crunch
#10: The Iconic Bridal Party Portrait
#11: Capturing Reception Uplighting
#12: The Cake Shot
#13: The First Dance
#14: The Flower Girl/Capturing Candid Moments
#15: Capturing Emotional Moments
#16: The Cake Cutting
#17: The Hora
#18: The Night Shot
#19: Shooting the Couple When It’s Dark Outside
#20: The Sparkler Exit





Gary Trotman-Artotographer
Gary Trotman – Artotographer



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