What are FGXpress Powerstrips?

What are FGXpress Powerstrips?

What are FGXpress Powerstrips?


In the search for a pain-free life, we know a light touch can have a lasting effect.

FG Xpress Power Strips are listed with the FDA as pain patches that are listed as a class 1 medical device.

This reasoning resonates with significance because FGXpress is combining ancient wisdom and energy with new wave technology in their PowerStrips which have the prestigious listing with the FDA as a class 1 medical device and are designed for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains.

Ok, breathe of fresh air.

FG Xpress Power Strips is an up and coming natural pain relief patch that can be directly applied to virtually any constant, consistent, painful area. The PowerStrips are completely effortless to apply as the effects are nearly immediate when helping you minimize the pain in troubled areas of discomfort.Now the stage of the sage has been set we can fully begin expressing and expanding about The 5 Things you might want to know about FGXpress and their idolised power strips product.


You’ve been searching and asking and we have expert-researched authoritative answers so you know everything about PowerStrips and the potential opportunity.

1 – What results are made and reported about PowerStrips?

– “PowerStrips may provide temporary relief of (minor) pain.”

– “PowerStrips may improve the look and feel of skin.”

2 – What are the perceived benefits of PowerStrips?

– Obviously FGXpress nor the PowerStrips themselves would ever refer to themselves as disease-curers. This was designed and developed to help the average pain in common places like your knee, back, thigh, neck and chest for temporary pain relief effects.

3 – What is the science behind how PowerStrips work?

– In all practicality, Power Strips can help in the natural heat production of the tissues causing vessel dilation in the body which aids in supporting temporary pain relief and feeling.

4 – What does it mean FGXPress is FDA Listed?

– The relationship between the FDA and FGX is real, as the PowerStrips are listed as a class one medical device with the FDA and they are designed for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains. While no significant clinical studies have not been conducted, early science does indicate these pain patches carry subtle help to problematic areas in your body.

5 – What are the ingredients infused with FGX PowerStrips?

It is not said that ingredients are absorbed into the body, more on an energetic level. It is a topical device therefore non transdermal. We reference the resources used in the making further on.

FGXpress is a direct selling company that has been around for over 10 years with the qualifications to claim many “first” wins in the direct selling / network marketing industry.

Some of these “First Wins” that have made FGXpress a pioneer in many key areas in the direct selling industry include:

  • FGXpress was the first company to have a US FDA listed product, which is a major distinction in the direct marketing industry for a company with serious long-term goals.
  • FGXpress is the first company to develop a technology that works directly in specific location in the body to get relieve pain.
  • FGXpress is the first company of its kind to make all of it’s products available worldwide to over 100 countries since the beginning of it’s launch in early 2014.

PowerStrips have been so revolutionary in helping alleviate pain temporarily that people are naturally talking about the results and sharing the earning potential of the opportunity by referring others to purchase the Strips, which are now exclusively sold by FGXpress.

The PowerStrips™ technology combines, water-soluble adhesive with Germanium (a natural element) , Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton (proprietary to ForeverGreen), and Korean Red Ginseng.

Since the adhesive in PowerStrips in skin friendly and designed to be non-irritating the strips are made for regular use, unlike other products in the market.

The fact that power strips are light in weight, a monthly supply of the product can be affordable send to any address around the world from a local postal service. To make it even easier FGXpress offers low rates for shipping and handling internationally and domestically alike.

Ron Williams came to realize that with the right product he could offer people around the world the opportunity to succeed with a Direct Selling/ Network-Marketing model.

Coincidentally Williams who have had a previous back surgery and has suffered for many years with back pain and discomfort, was first introduced to the pain reliever strips by a friend who asked him to try the all natural product.

After applying the pain reliever strip on his back one night and waking up alleviated, with less pain the next day; Ron realized that this power strips could be the ONE product to open opportunities for people in countries around the world to succeed with a direct marketing product.

After visualizing the idea, Williams secured exclusive world rights to the distribution of the products, which is now sold exclusively byForeverGreen as PowerStrips™ through a direct selling and distribution model.

Additional to his interests for longevity and it’s extensive success in the direct selling industry, Ron Williams has a passion to help people around the word succeed with direct selling and network marketing models.

While holding a position as the president of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLM governing body) Ron Willliams came to the realization that most countries around the world didn’t offer solid exposure to direct marketing opportunities. It was evident to him that most direct selling companies based in the U.S only focus in opening opportunities in their same go-to 20 or so countries. Usually countries with a large population to support the fast growth of the opportunity, as well as countries with the proper infrastructure and logistic for product distribution.


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