Steelasophical at the Oakroom Wycombe Swan for Kuoni

Steelasophical at the Oakroom Wycombe Swan for Kuoni

We believe no two holidays should be the same and a human touch can make all the difference.

We take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your amazing.



With his journey around the Caribbean coming to an end, Simon Reeve tells us about his journey from Honduras and Nicaragua to Jamaica.

“As darkness settled across the bay I slipped into the water just off the coast of the Honduran island of Roatan, and dived down onto the magnificent Mesoamerican reef. I shone my torch across the reef, one of the finest on the planet, and the powerful beam illuminated sleepy parrotfish and a mass of green and red coral.

Night-diving is an intense experience: spooky, but completely magical. The darkness envelops you and your senses sharpen and tingle. It feels more like going for a space-walk than swimming. I only learnt to dive while preparing to film ‘Indian Ocean’ a few years back. I’ve always been a strong swimmer and free-diver, and until then whenever we needed to film me underwater I would just duck down for a couple of minutes. I thought diving equipment was too cumbersome and studying for the PADI qualification would be a pain.

I realised my mistake about 10 seconds into my first ocean dive, off the coast of South Africa. It instantly felt like I was visiting another planet. That’s the sort of experience I look for on my travels, along with beautiful landscapes above the waves, of course, and history, culture, issues, and, yes, a few good plates of interesting food …. read more


Good Evening Gary,

Thank you both for being part of our amazing evening with Simon Reeve.

Kindest Regards,



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