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About Sean…

Thank you so much for visiting our photography website. As well as being a PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER, I am a dad to Niamh and Bailey and Husband to Helen. We live just outside BRISTOL and I photograph families in their home and on Location throughoutBRISTOL, BATH, SOMERSET and beyond!

I have been a full time PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER ever since Helen bought me a camera for my birthday. In a crazy move, I decided to become a photographer after only three weeks and we closed our recruitment business. This was even more crazy as Helen was expecting our daughter in only 2 months! Since then, I have won numerous awards, thought other photographers and was even followed around by the BBC for a feature on the ONE SHOW.

I hope my passion for photography comes across in my work and approach. I love photographing people. I am not a frustrated landscape or fashion photographer. I love capturing family portraits and providing them with amazing memories that they will treasure. We are so lucky to be based in the South-West with urban landscapes in Bristol and Bath along with amazing county and forestry as well as the Sea.

About Helen….

Helen is a fantastic photographer as well as a great mum and partner. These days, she manages more the business side of things as well as looking after the kids. I have no idea how she does it! She will often be the voice at the end of the phone as I am out photographing or meeting with families.

Helen manages a lot of the bookings, product orders and lots of the administrative tasks. Essentially, she keeps the business running smoothly and is simply indispensable.

07903 798 755

Bristol Photographer – Portraits Pets and Weddings

Family Photography in Bristol and Bath


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