Kustom Dawn PS510 PA System

Kustom Dawn PS510 PA System

** For Sale **

Collection from Buckinghamshire 

Kustom PS510 DWN
Kustom PS510 DWN

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DWN PS510 Array PA System

rare amazing condition

Kustom Disco DJ 180 deg

DWN-PS10 Subwoofer (VERY RARE)

2 x DWN-ST05 Satellites

Two DWN-SS10 Tripod Speaker Stands

Kustom Sub Cover

Kustom Satellite

Stands Bag

I would like to buy


Each Dawn satellite contains a highly efficient driver with a neodymium magnet. Smaller and lighter than common ferrite magnets, neodymium extends the speaker’s response to reveal high-frequency content. Inside the satellite is the Dawn Energy Diffuser which effectively radiates the sound in the 180-degree pattern, and a concentrically mounted tweeter tweeter – woofer and acoustic phase plug to provide clear, smooth treble frequencies.
The Dawn PS510 Passive Subwoofer A speaker that reproduces the lower end of the audio spectrum. A subwoofer system may include a crossover circuit which switches frequencies at approximately 100Hz and under to the subwoofer, while passing the rest of the signal to the main speakers.
….. The PS510 could be considered the secret weapon of the Dawn Pro Audio System. Housed in an efficient Transmission Line chambered cabinet, the Dawn subwoofer projects full-bodied low end with no perceptible distortion. Its speaker is a special 10″ dual voice coil design with a high-temperature Kapton coil to provide long-term reliability. The overall effect of the subwoofer gives real substance to the bass frequencies, belying the diminutive size of the system


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