Steelband Panorama Rules

Steelband Panorama Rules


1. – These Rules and Regulations are written in accordance with the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago and with specific reference to Act No 5 of 1986.


2.1 – Definitions and Interpretations – In this document, unless the context otherwise specifies or requires:

  • Authorized person” means any member of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) or International Panorama Management Committee or any person so designated. Such person shall be clearly identified by displaying his or her identification card or badge.
  • Competition” means the International Panorama competition.
  • Steelband” means a conventional steelband comprising pannists playing instruments of the steel pan family and supported by a rhythm section;
  • International Panorama Management Committee” means the Committee established by the LOC to manage the competition;
  • Organization” means LOC
  •  “Panorama” means the International Steelband Competition organized by the LOC which is scheduled to take place during August 8-9, 2015.
  • Panyard” means the place of abode of the steelband, the venue for the storage of the steelpan instruments, rehearsals and other related social activities of the steelband members.
  • Rules” means the Rules and Regulations governing the staging of the competition;
  • “Pannist” means a player of steelpan instrument(s). 


3.1 – International Panorama Management Committee – The International Panorama 2014 shall be managed by a Panorama Management Committee selected by the LOC;

3.2 – Powers to Co-opt Persons – The International Panorama Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt persons who may assist in performing any of the duties and responsibilities granted to the Committee;

3.3 – Duties of the International Panorama Management Committee – The duties of the International Panorama Management Committee shall be as follows:-

  • To organize the competition.
  • To submit to the LOC rules and regulations and any amendments thereto which may govern the competition for ratification.
  •  To apply and administer rules and regulations governing the competition as ratified.
  • To submit a report in writing on the competition to LOC within twenty one (21) days of the completion of the competition.


4.1 – Requirement for Registration of steelbands – Each participating band shall be required to register with the LOC by February 28, 2015. 

4.2 – Requirement for Registration of players – Each participating band shall be required to register with The LOC the names of all their members who would be performing in the competition.

4.3 – Deadline Date for Submission of List of Players – The deadline for submission of list of players shall be on the May 31st 2015.

4.4 – Registration Fee   –   Participating steelbands will be required to pay a registration fee as follows:-

  • Caricom Participants – $ 300.00 US
  • Non Caricom Participants – $ 500.00 US

4.5       Entitlement of Registration: 

  • Only Steelbands/pannists who are registered as in 4 above shall be authorised to perform in the competition.
  • Performers/pannists shall not be authorised nor allowed to perform with  more than one (1) steelband in the competition.


5.1 – Qualification for participation – Participation in the competition shall be open only to those steelbands which fulfil the following criteria: –

  • Those steelbands from Trinidad and Tobago who qualify based on the criteria set at Panorama 2015 by Pan Trinbago.
    1. The steelband must be a bona fide representative of their respective region.
  • Those Steelbands from other countries who applied on the prescribed form to participate  in the competition and are accepted/ selected by the LOC in accordance with Article 10.6 .
    1. The Steelband must be a registered member of a Pan Trinbago recognised organisation; except in the situation where no organisation exist, then the respective cultural authority must sanction the steelband.
  • Any steelband so accepted /selected shall have a delegate at the International Conference scheduled to take place on August 6-7, 2015.

5.2 – Each Steelband will be permitted to perform with sixty (60) players maximum and a minimum of forty (40) players.

5.3 – It is mandatory that each Steelband participating in the Competition must have a representative attend the Conference.


6.1 – Music Selection – For the purposes of the competition, each participating steelband may select and perform any calypso or soca  of their choice.


7.1 – Maximum Points for Adjudication –

  • Every steelband shall be marked on the basis of a maximumof 100 points.

7.2 – Adjudication Criteria – Each steelband shall be awarded points for the following categories:-

  • Arrangement – a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category
  • General Performance – a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category
  • Tone – a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category
  • Rhythm – a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category.

7.3 – Procedure for Judging the International Panorama – The International Steelband competition shall be adjudicated in the manner hereinafter outlined: –

  • There shall be a total of Eight (8) judges for the International Steelban competitions.
  • Only Seven (7) judges shall actually deliberate at the competition;
  • The Seven (7) judges to be seated shall be selected by ballot immediately prior to the start of each stage of the competition.
  • The Eighth judge shall be appointed to serve as an alternate and shall take the place of any of the seven seated judges who may be unable to function for the entire stage of the competition for which they have been selected as a judge;
  • In tallying the points earned by the Steelbands during the competition, the highest and lowest points awarded by the judges to a steelband shall be excluded and the score to be awarded shall be the aggregate points of the other five (5) judges.
  • The decision of the judges shall be final and binding and the International Panorama Management Committee shall not entertain any protest with regard to judging.

7.4 – The International Panorama – The International Panorama shall be held at Queen’s Park Savannah on  August 8-9, 2015.

7.5 – Draw for Playing Positions – All competing bands shall be required to draw for playing positions in the 2015 International Panorama Competition.  The Steelbands shall be notified by telephone and/or written circular of the date and time for the draw.


8.1 Arrangers – Arrangers shall be allowed to arrange for only one (1) steelband.


9.3.1 – Procedures to be observed by steelbands on the day of the competition – All competing steelbands shall be required to comply with the following procedures in respect of their conduct on the day of the competition: 

  • Each steelband is required to present its members and instruments at the competition venue at least two (2) hours prior to the time stipulated for the commencement of the competition;
  • All steelbands shall appear and play in the order in which they drew by  ballot; failing to do so without cause satisfactory to the International Panorama Management Committee will result in disqualification.
  • If any steelband shall fail to appear in the position in which they were due to appear as selected by ballot, the next steelband in sequence as selected by ballot shall perform before the judges when instructed to do so by duly authorized personnel;
  • No steelband shall deliberately impede another steelband from appearing onstage in the order in which they are to appear as selected by ballot;
  • Each steelband shall proceed to the judging area when instructed to do so by an authorized person;
  • Each steelband shall proceed offstage and away from the judging area when instructed to do so by an authorized person.
  • No unauthorized persons shall be permitted in the judging area;
  • All steelbands shall be easily identifiable and shall have prominently displayed on its banner the Name of the Steelband, the Name of its Manager, Captain/Leader, Composer, Arranger, Tuner/s and the Title of the Calypso or Soca selection the steelband is playing as well as the number of the position in which the steelband is appearing as selected by ballot;
  • The members (including players, pan-pushers, officials, etc.) of each steelband shall be accredited for ease of identification;
  • Before commencement of performance, each steelband shall be subject to a tally count by authorised personnel in conjunction with the officials of the competing steelband to determine whether the steelband is appearing within the maximum and minimum registered number of players as set out in clause 5.2 above.
  • No member or official or supporter of a steelband shall impede the tally count of the steelband by the authorized personnel.  Any such action will result in penalties as outlined in clause 13 of these Rules.
  • Where there is a discrepancy in the results of the tally count made by the duly authorised personnel in conjunction with the officials of the competing steelband, the discrepancy shall be referred to the Chairman of the International Panorama Management Committee of the organization whose decision in this regard shall be final and binding upon the steelband.

9.3.2 – Procedures to be observed by steelbands immediately prior to their performance – All  competing steelbands at  the International Panorama competition shall be required to comply with the following procedures immediately prior to the commencement of   their performances before the judges:-

  • The steelband next scheduled to perform shall proceed to the “Holding Bay” while the preceding steelband is performing onstage; the “Holding Bay” shall be a location immediately adjacent to the precincts of the performing stage.
  • This steelband shall stop playing before proceeding into the “Holding Bay”;
  • Immediately prior to the commencement of the performance of a steelband, the resident disc jockey at the venue shall be allowed to play the music selected by the steelband for a maximum of eight (8) minutes;
  • Each steelband shall be expected to be ready to perform its selection of music at the end of the playing of its tune of choice by the resident disc jockey at the competing venue.
  • Each steelband must play in its position irrespective of whether the disc jockey plays the Calypso that the steelband is about to perform.  However, the onus is on all bands to provide recording of their selection to the International Panorama Management Committee.

9.3.3 – Procedures to be observed by steelbands during their performance – All steelbands competing at the International Panorama shall be required to comply with the following procedures in respect of the commencement and conclusion of their performances before the judges:-

  • Each steelband shall commence its performance before the judges upon receiving an instruction to do so by means of an Amber Flag, Light or instruction from stage personnel.
  • Each Steelband shall perform for a maximum of eight (8) minutes before the panel of judges;
  • Upon the conclusion of its performance, each steelband shall immediately proceed along the route away from the judging area upon being signalled to do so by a Green Flag, Light or instruction from stage personnel. 

9.3.4 – Judging Time – Judging time for each Steelband shall begin upon the commencement by the respective steelband of its performance before the panel of judges.

9.3.5 – Responsibility for Conduct of Steelband – The leaders and officials of each       competing steelband shall be held responsible for the behaviour, conduct and     general deportment of its members and followers of the steelband.

10. Selection

Thirty (30) Steelbands shall be selected to compete in the international Panorama as follows:-

  • Twelve (12) from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Five (5) from the Caribbean and Virgin Islands
  • Five (5) from North America
  • Five (5) from Europe
  • Two (2) from Asia
  • One (1) from Africa

The LOC reserves the right to alter the number of bands from a region or the number of competing bands as it may deem best for the competition.


11.1 – Disciplinary Measures – Failure to comply with any of the provisions of these Rules without good and sufficient reason satisfactory to the International Panorama Management Committee, a steelband shall be subject to fine and/or disqualification by the International Panorama Management Committee, after investigations.

11.2  – Consequences of Disqualification – Where a steelband is disqualified by virtue of these Rules, no benefits by way of Appearance Fees, Prize Monies or any other form of assistance to the Steelband will accrue. 


12.1 – Right to Make Recordings – The organization whether by its agents or consignees, shall have the right to record on audio, video or other medium the performances of a performer or a band of performers during the competition and to utilize such recording for such purposes as it deems appropriate.

12.2 – Consent to Recordings – The subscribing to this document of a signature of any person duly authorized to act on behalf of a steelband shall be deemed sufficient consent by that member steelband to the recording of its performance at the competition by the organization for the purpose stated at 13.1 hereof. 

12.3 – Share in Revenues – Where the organization proposes to offer the said recordings or any of them for sale to third parties, the organization shall enter into negotiations with each performer or steelband whose performance is captured on the particular recording prior to such sale to determine the quantum of remuneration to be remitted to them out of the profits realized from the said sale.


13.1 – Financial Contributions – In keeping with a decision taken by the International Conference & Panorama (ICP) Steering Committee, each steelband which participates in the competition shall remit to the ICP a financial contribution in a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the earnings of the steelband from Prize Monies and Appearance Fees. These funds are to be used to cover administrative expenses and as seed funding for the planning and execution of subsequent International Panorama.

13.2 – Deduction from Gross Earnings – For the purposes of convenience in remitting payment of the financial contribution mentioned in clause14.1 hereof, the organization shall deduct the respective sum from the gross earnings of each steelband prior to paying over the net earnings to the said steelband.

13.3 – Quantum of Prize Monies – The quantum of Prize Monies and Appearance Fees are listed on the attached sheet labelled Appendix1.


14.1 – Ground Transportation Expenses – The Organization will assist competing steelbands in getting to and from the competition venues.


15.1 – Interpretation of Rules – These Rules shall be construed in accordance with the spirit of the International Panorama and subject to the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

15.2 – Where Rules are silent – On any matter in relation to the competition in respect of which these Rules are silent, the International Panorama Management Committee shall have the power to make decisions thereon and any decision of the International Panorama Management Committee made in those circumstances shall be final and binding on all parties.


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