Wedding Monkey with Steelasophical

Wedding Monkey with SteelasophicalWedding Monkey with Steelasophical

Daniel Phillips
Wedding monkey
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If you’re planning your wedding…Then you’re in the right place!

Wedding monkey is the fastest & easiest way to find approved wedding venues, wedding suppliers and wedding entertainment across the UK.

Simply use our wedding monkey’s above to help start planning your wedding.


Wedding monkey is the fastest way to find approved wedding venues, wedding suppliers and wedding entertainment across the UK.

The concept is simple. We can take engaged couples to a wedding supplier’s website or social media page with just 2 clicks of their cursor.This     means they are viewing the wedding supplier’s products and services within seconds of logging on to Wedding monkey.

Furthermore all our wedding suppliers, wedding venues and wedding entertainment are verified and approved before being listed on Wedding monkey.

Our wedding directory works by first entering a postcode and then using our wedding monkey’s to find all the approved wedding suppliers,     wedding venues and wedding entertainment from that area.

Wedding monkey is purpose built to quickly find the best wedding suppliers, wedding venues and wedding entertainment anywhere in the UK.

Our fantastic Wedding monkey Facebook page is amazing for quirky and alternative wedding ideas from your creative wedding stationery to organised wedding planning, delicious wedding cakes to designer wedding dresses, unique wedding transport to fabulous wedding favours, with colourful bridesmaid dresses to award winning wedding photography, show stopping wedding make up to beautiful bridal hair and finally from memorable stag & hen to the best wedding venues.


About Wedding monkey

What is Wedding monkey?
Wedding monkey is a unique wedding website that makes it faster for couples to find wedding businesses, both local and national.

Who, When & Where are we?
We are based in South Wales and we launched on March 04 2013. We are currently a team of 5, Harriet (The chief) Craig (Marketing & tea maker) Daniel (Technical genius) Lisa (Admin & fashion guru) and Esta (Social media mogul).

What’s so different about Wedding monkey?
Apart from our unique branding and our super social media ideas, our search is much faster than other websites. We can now take a user to a company’s website or social media page within 3 clicks of a cursor. This makes it ideal for engaged couples who have busy lifestyles.

Why Wedding monkey?
We want to stand out! With so many websites, magazines and wedding fairs in existence, none of them stand out anymore. You will always remember our wedding monkey’s though.

Why and how do we verify & approve every business that joins?
This is done because most couples only have one wedding day. So when a wedding supplier or business does not provide the product or service they promised, it could potentially ruin that one big day which took months of saving and planning…and we don’t think that’s fair!

Although this does not happen to often the wedding industry does not provide a governing body to regulate wedding businesses, so we have gone some way to preventing this ourselves.

We verify and approve all new businesses before joining. This is not to be intrusive or question a companies integrity but it’s the promise we make   to the couples that use us. The verification process involves making sure a company is legitimate and that a business does not have a long history   of bad service. We do this by making sure all contact details and websites are active, we check several forums and review websites for any history   of bad service and we also check the company’s social media pages, if applicable.

It is important that we only promote reliable and reputable businesses and filter out the unreliable ones, which thankfully, are of a minority within the wedding industry.

Our wedding show partners
We have partnered up with many wedding show companies across the UK. It’s through these shows that Wedding monkey is promoted in exchange for us promoting their shows.

Are we social?
Absolutely! We have both Facebook & Twitter pages which are full of fantastic ideas and another great way for couples to find the fantastic wedding businesses we

We bring the Caribbean to you

Steelasophical Wedding Day Musical Entertainment

Up to 20% discounts for dates secured in Jan

Booking into the next 2 years!


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